We’re on a mission to help companies build better human experiences.

Our team of growth strategists, designers
and developers are experts at their craft.

Aztech eCommerce Consultancy - Aztech

Aztech is a fully integrated eCommerce Consultancy.

We help direct-to-consumer brands increase their revenue through a combination of Design, Build and Growth strategy.

Meet Some of the Team

Our team of growth strategists, designers
and developers are experts at their craft.
Gordon Frayne

• CEO & Co-Founder
• Shopify Expert
• Technology Consultant
• Digital Transformation

Meghan Carreau

• CXO & Co-Founder
• UX Design Expert
• 3x Time Startup Founder
• Creative Strategist

Why We Exist

We're on a mission to help companies build
better human experiences.
An overview

Brands are fearful to take risks, defy norms, and elevate the experiences for everyday people -

their audience. Yet, time and time again we see that the brands that pull ahead are always the movers and shakers who rattle the status quo. Together, we all evolve toward a better future of commerce and products.

Elevate your eCommerce Business - Aztech
Why It Matters

DTC is a big departure from the traditional model.

As the popularity of online shopping and the evolution of eCommerce continues to change the way people buy, more and more brands are going direct-to-consumer — allowing brands to build deeper customer relationships, and form unprecedented agility in their businesses.

Why it Matters - Aztech
Who We're For

We built Aztech specifically for digitally native direct-to-consumer brands.

We help increase their revenue by building lasting brands and fast, beautiful, high-performing eCommerce stores.

Who we're for - Aztech
How We're Different

Our technology, knowledge base, talent and partnerships are best-in-class on a global level.

We take pride in being one step ahead of the pack in order to best serve our clients and the brand experiences we build for their customer base.

How we're different - Aztech

Read what other people have to say about us.

With a repeat business rate of over 85%, we take pride in becoming an embedded technology partner with all of our clients.

We unlock and accelerate growth potential for eCommerce brands. - Aztech
We unlock and accelerate growth potential for eCommerce brands.
Aztech Testimonials - Aztech

Vicky Pasche

(CEO & Founder at Dapper Boi)

“After we launched the new site, we saw a 59% increase in month-over-month revenue within 30 days. The site is so clean and easy to navigate and the Aztech team were always super professional and fun to work with.”

Kendall Barry

(Founder, CEO at ISAMEL)

“Aztech were very attentive and responsive to my project needs. All of the feedback that I’ve gotten from customers has been really positive. Users think that it’s really beautiful, but also really easy to navigate.”

Patrick Kennedy

(Founder at Wave Insights)

Design-wise, Aztech were excellent; their quality, branding, and web development set them apart. They were a creative team willing to understand what could differentiate us from other companies, which shows in their work — they did an outstanding job.


Who We Are

We take pride in the empathy we have for our clients.
What We Do

Our team of growth strategists, designers and developers...

...are experts at their craft who work tirelessly to increase sales and revenue through a combination of UX design, commerce infrastructure and growth strategies.

What we do - Aztech

Our Promise

We take pride in the empathy we have for our clients. We’ve been in their seats, as DTC startup founders ourselves. We understand the challenges our clients are facing in an ever changing digital world and the expense involved in getting the traffic needed to truly scale.

Our approach to working with clients is vastly different from typical agencies and consultants. That's why we’re very much focused on the client, the brand, their customers and empathy.

Our Promise - Aztech
We’ve built a diverse and fully distributed team of eCommerce professionals.

We operate in a global environment and take pride in the diverse backgrounds of our team members. We are fully committed to building an inclusive, varied workplace welcoming to people of all backgrounds.

We know that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas to solve the complex problems of our ever changing and dynamic world. We listen and engage with our diverse team; and we value teamwork and collaboration with our diverse clients.

Dapper Boi Results- Aztech
Increase in MOM Revenue
Increase in Total Orders
Improvement in conversion rate

Measured Growth

Dapper Boi saw measured growth in a number of areas after engaging Aztech to redesign and rebuild their storefront. Learn more about our Growth and CRO services.

Increase in Average
Order Value (AOV)
Increase in Sales from
Organic Traffic sources
improvement in conversion rate
Creativity Icon- Aztech

Creativity is at the heart of what we do. We seek to ignite the creative streak within all of our clients and convey this through your digital experience.

Aztech Triangle iconAztech triangle icon 2Innovation Icon- Aztech

We love to work with ambitious clients who embody the entrepreneurial spirit. We champion enthusiasm and innovation in all that we do.

Aztech triangleHumility Icon- Aztech

We know building a business is never easy. We continuously strive to deliver value for our clients and seek out new knowledge for growth and success.

Collaboration Icon- Aztech

We believe in the power of working together. Fostering collaboration in all of our client engagements is our top priority.

Our Latest Work

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