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Stars & Honey

Stars + Honey was born from a vision of being at the forefront of what a modern packaged food company should be—obsessed with the details in order to honor the place food has in our lives.

Project Overview

Stars + Honey developed their product to be the most enjoyable way for consumers to take their collagen. No more scooping and measuring powders every day; Stars + Honey crafted a product with a clean 10g of collagen to maximize the health benefits of collagen while providing great taste, all in a delicious bar with less than 200 calories!

With their brand launch on the horizon, Aztech began development on the new Stars + Honey storefront at the very end of 2022. When we began working with Stars + Honey, most all of the UX Design and wireframing was complete, so we inherited a very thorough outline of wireframes that served as the starting point for development work.

The foundation was set for us, and we proceeded to build out a new storefront for Stars + Honey that embodied the core message of helping busy people take their collagen in an enjoyable way without making sacrifices.

Our Solution

UX Design

There was some UX design work carried out by our team to rework some of the sections of the storefront for the site launch and for mobile optimization. The Aztech Design Team carried out some design optimizations to rework the product display page for the subscription flow and bundling to help Stars + Honey make the most of their new audience.

Custom Shopify Development

From a development standpoint, the entire storefront was custom developed in order to achieve the desired look and feel of the brand.

This included a custom build for all of the primary pages, including the Home Page, Product Listing Pages, the Product Display Pages, along with the About Page, FAQs, a Philosophy page and all of their Policy pages. We wanted to help make customers feel like they were having a premium and elevated experience from the moment they engaged with the Stars + Honey brand.

The entire Stars + Honey storefront was also custom developed for Mobile, as a large part of the growth strategy is to target and drive mobile traffic to the store.

Our Solution

Custom Mobile Experience

The entire Stars + Honey storefront was also custom developed for Mobile, as a large part of the growth strategy is to target and drive mobile traffic to the store. Again, we inherited a foundation for custom mobile wireframes and used this as the basis for building out the custom mobile experience!

Subscriptions Configuration

We also did PDP page customization for configuring a custom subscription program for Stars + Honey. In line with the custom approach that this brand embodies, they wanted to create a custom subscription program that rewards customers for their brand loyalty.

Atypical to traditional subscription programs, customers can earn incrementally higher discounts on their subscriptions the longer they remain in the program. So subscribers who remain on the program earn a 10% discount on their subscription in month 2, a 15% discount in month 3, and a 20% discount by month 4. All of this is geared towards incentivizing subscription retention for the brand and building out a loyal and devoted customer base.

Our solution

Bundling Configuration

Bundling was also an important aspect of marketing the Stars + Honey products. With the initial introduction of three flavors sold in boxes of 10, we needed to give consumers the ability to mix and match flavors to create their own product bundles. The idea here was to incentivize consumers to purchase 30 bars per month so they could get their 10g collagen fix each day. To execute on this, we worked with the team at to build out the subscription and bundle components with their application.Overall, this project was an enjoyable and demanding one that pushed us to execute efficiently and at the highest quality to meet the demands of the client.

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