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UX Store Audit

Leveraging Design Thinking and UX best practises to remove friction and increase conversions.
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UX Design and customer experience (CX) plays such an important role in optimizing the conversion rate (CRO) of your store.

When it comes to UX, Aztech provides lean and smart intelligence through deep listening, storytelling, and human-centered design. We get to know your customers; we combine quantitative and qualitative data to inform and prioritize product roadmaps, and we work to uncover your customers' habits, ways of thinking and specific needs.

Our UX Store Audit reports take the guesswork out of the most common questions we hear from our clients.

Delivering frictionless experiences takes a keen trained design eye and the team who knows DTC UX hacks like the back of their hands.

Put our diagnosis to the test and get your comprehensive UX report without breaking the bank.

UX Design

Aztech’s UX Store Audit

Our comprehensive CRO audit covers all of the essential pages on your store.
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Your Report Includes:

A comprehensive Audit of your entire storefront. This includes your Home Page, landing Pages, Product Pages, Navigation, Cart and Checkout Flow.

Branding and UX Storytelling audit that includes detailed messaging recommendations and compelling CTA suggestions.

A prioritized roadmap of recommendations based on your existing infrastructure and prioritized based on the level of impact for your business and time to execute.

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Who are Aztech UX Audit Reports for?

We designed Aztech UX Audit reports for eCommerce teams who need a second opinion and a fresh perspective on the current state of their digital customer experience. We provide a professional and thorough set of insights to make your job easier and inform business decisions that unlock growth for your brand.

What info should you expect to receive?

Prioritized feedback, that falls into 4 core areas:


Quick Wins - Simple and easy to execute suggestions.


Red Flags - Critical UX and conversion flaws that need to be fixed.


Light Weight - UX updates or changes that need a little work in order to implement.


Heavy Weight - Larger changes in UX brand positioning or changes that require significant design and development work.

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Our goal is to understand why visitors abandon your website and product pages and quickly remove barriers. We work to match all feedback with analytics data and diagnose user journey drop-off.

Are you ready to start understanding your customers and mastering the customer experience of your online store?

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