Shopify Affiliate Software: 11 Best Shopify Affiliate Apps in 2023

Looking for the best Shopify affiliate software? We reviewed the top 11 apps to boost tracking, automation & recruitment for affiliate programs in 2023. Apps, pricing & more!

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Affiliate marketing is on fire right now! In fact, according to a recent report by Influencer Marketing Hub, searches for "affiliate marketing" reached an all-time high in August 2022

But with over 4,200 apps in Shopify's marketplace, how do you know which Shopify affiliate software is the best fit for your ecommerce store?

That's where this article comes in. I've dug through hundreds of apps to uncover the 11 finest Shopify affiliate software options for 2023. Whether you're just launching your affiliate program or want to take your existing efforts to the next level, you'll find the perfect app here to help you boost affiliate recruitment, tracking, automation, and more.

From powerful platforms like Refersion to budget-friendly options like Goaffpro, these hand-picked apps make it simple for Shopify merchants to get affiliates spreading the word about their products. 

Just imagine an army of influencers, loyal customers, and brand advocates attracting new business for you as you earn impressive commissions. Read on to discover the affiliate superstars and take your Shopify earnings to new heights!

Shopify Affiliate Software -

TLDR; Shopify Affiliate Software

  • Affiliate marketing is surging in popularity and can generate impressive revenue for Shopify stores
  • There are over 4,200 apps on Shopify, making it hard to identify the best affiliate software
  • This article reveals the top 11 Shopify affiliate apps based on reviews, features, and value
  • Top apps include Refersion, UpPromote, ReferralCandy, LeadDyno, and Social Snowball
  • These apps help automate tracking, recruiting, rewards, and gaining insights into affiliate performance
  • Key features include custom commissions, social sharing, automation, and robust analytics
  • Pricing options range from free tools to enterprise-level platforms starting at $14/month
  • Implementing the right affiliate app provides the tools to build a high-converting affiliate program
  • Affiliate marketing helps Shopify merchants earn more revenue from existing and new customers
  • Don't wait - pick an app and unlock the power of affiliates promoting products across the web

The Best Shopify Affiliate Software Apps

1. Refersion

Looking to take your Shopify affiliate program to the next level? Then Refersion should be at the top of your Shopify affiliate software shopping list. This powerful platform makes it a breeze to manage affiliates at scale with easy tracking, automated recruiting tools, and more.

One of Refersion's most useful features is its ability to structure commissions at the product level. This means you can tailor affiliate payouts based on the specific items they help sell. Refersion also enables you to fully customize affiliate registration pages to match your branding. Best of all, it provides free listing on its built-in affiliate marketplace where over 500,000 affiliates await.

With Refersion's automated email capabilities, you can keep your affiliates up-to-date on the latest product info and deals for promotion. And the platform's intuitive dashboard lets you monitor affiliate performance so you can optimize your program's profitability. If you're ready to grow your Shopify affiliate efforts, Refersion has the Shopify affiliate software tools to make it happen. Pricing starts at $99 per month.

2. UpPromote

UpPromote delivers an easy-to-use Shopify affiliate software solution packed with powerful features to boost recruitment and sales through affiliate marketing. Tracking coupon codes and links? UpPromote makes it simple.

This Shopify app enables effortless creation of affiliate promo links and coupons that you can track in real-time. UpPromote also supports multi-level affiliate networks along with customized registration forms and pages to onboard new partners.

Robust analytics and reporting provide the insight you need to continuously improve affiliate campaign performance. From actionable data to an affiliate marketplace where you can find new partners, UpPromote has all the Shopify affiliate software functionality covered. Best of all, it starts at just $21.99 per month!

3. ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy takes the hassle out of managing an affiliate program for your Shopify store. With its automated workflows, you can focus on sales while it handles rewarding affiliates and tracking data.

This set-and-forget Shopify affiliate software makes it a cinch to customize the affiliate experience with your own branding. You can design custom pop-ups, emails, and more to share or gift your affiliates special promo codes and deals for sharing.

ReferralCandy provides in-depth analytics into important metrics like revenue, referrals, and top affiliates. Its automated payout feature ensures your partners are rewarded on time every time. If you want powerful Shopify affiliate software on autopilot, ReferralCandy is a sweet choice. Pricing starts at $47 per month.

4. LeadDyno

LeadDyno offers robust tracking and insights to ensure your Shopify affiliate program is firing on all cylinders. Its tracking dashboard provides a centralized hub to monitor affiliate links, coupon codes, social posts, ads, email campaigns, and more.

This Shopify affiliate software makes it a breeze to identify your highest-converting affiliates, ads, and partnerships. LeadDyno's automated email capabilities enable you to keep affiliates supplied with all the content and deals they need to promote you.

As your program grows, LeadDyno makes it easy to segment affiliates so you can tailor communications and rewards. With its user-friendly setup and tracking, LeadDyno has everything you need in Shopify affiliate software. Plans start at $49 per month.

5. Social Snowball

Social Snowball makes it a breeze to turn your customers into affiliates with its built-in automation. This ingenious Shopify affiliate software automatically generates an affiliate account for each new customer you acquire.

After a purchase is complete, customers receive a unique promo code and affiliate marketing materials on the thank you page. This seamless post-purchase experience gets customers sharing your brand as affiliates in no time.

Social Snowball provides expansive tracking and analytics into your affiliate program's performance. You gain clear visibility into metrics like total sales, revenue, and top affiliates. With Social Snowball's set-it-and-forget-it automation, your affiliate program markets itself. Plans start at $99 per month.

6. Affiliatly

Affiliatly delivers a full-featured Shopify affiliate software solution at a budget-friendly price. It makes creating and managing custom incentive programs for affiliates a breeze.

With Affiliatly, you can easily provide affiliates a choice of rewards like gift cards, store credits, or tiered commission payouts based on sales volumes, referrals, and other metrics. This flexibility attracts a wider range of affiliates.

The software also empowers you to monitor affiliates with tracking features, communicate via customizable emails, and run leaderboards to foster a little friendly competition. If you want feature-packed Shopify affiliate software on a budget, Affiliatly fits the bill perfectly. Plans start at just $16 per month!

7. OSI Affiliate

OSI Affiliate is one of the most popular and user-friendly Shopify affiliate software solutions available. It makes it simple for affiliates to share deals across top social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to extend your reach.

This software enables you to create customized affiliate sign-up forms to capture helpful data upfront. OSI Affiliate also provides tailored email templates you can utilize to communicate with affiliates and equip them with the assets needed to promote your brand.

Detailed reporting and analytics give you the insights needed to fully optimize affiliate recruiting and activation efforts. For an easy-to-use Shopify affiliate software with robust social sharing capabilities, OSI Affiliate is a top choice. Pricing starts at $47 per month.

8. Tapfiliate

Tapfiliate empowers you to take your Shopify affiliate program to the next level with robust tracking and recruiting functionality. Its software makes it simple to share sign-up links, invite codes, and run targeted email campaigns to grow your affiliate network.

Tapfiliate enables deep performance reporting and analytics so you can gain clear visibility into your top affiliates and offers. It also facilitates easy, automated commission payouts to keep your partners motivated.

With its API access and integrations, this Shopify affiliate software seamlessly connects with the other marketing platforms you use. If you're seeking robust affiliate management tools, Tapfiliate delivers. Plans start at $59 per month.

9. Conjured Referrals

Conjured Referrals makes it a breeze to incentivize customers to become brand advocates. This unique Shopify affiliate software automates the entire process of turning happy buyers into partners.

After a customer makes a purchase, Conjured Referrals prompts them to share a personalized promo code with friends for a reward. Their referred friends then enjoy special discounts on their first order.

This cyclical approach creates a steady stream of new affiliates and sales driven by word-of-mouth social sharing. Conjured Referrals empowers you to completely customize the look and feel of the referral experience as well.

With its exceptional automation and simple setup, activating raving fans as affiliates is effortless. If you want to harness customer referrals, Conjured Referrals is the way to go. Pricing starts at just $29 per month.

10. Goaffpro

Goaffpro offers easy-to-use Shopify affiliate software to help you turn existing customers into partners. Its self-service dashboard makes it simple for customers to share deals and track affiliate perks.

Goaffpro empowers you to unlock exponential growth through multi-level affiliate marketing. As your affiliates refer new partners, your reach expands virally. This app also fully supports mobile sharing of promo codes and links to boost exposure.

If you want to launch a high-converting affiliate program on autopilot, Goaffpro streamlines the process. Best of all, its robust Shopify affiliate software is available free of charge!

11. Simple Affiliate

If you want a no-frills Shopify affiliate software option that gets the job done, Simple Affiliate is a stellar choice. It makes it easy to track both custom coupon codes and affiliate links right from your store dashboard.

This app enables seamless signup and tracking. Affiliates can simply access their dashboard directly on your Shopify site with no external logins required.

With its straightforward workflow and tracking capabilities, Simple Affiliate offers the core Shopify affiliate software features needed for affiliate success. Plans start at an affordable $14 per month.

Wrapping Up: Shopify Affiliate Software

With this inside scoop on the top 11 Shopify affiliate software solutions, you have all the info needed to select the perfect platform for your ecommerce store. Whether you want to automate rewards, simplify tracking, recruit influencers, or turn customers into raving affiliate fans, these apps empower you to make it happen.

The bottom line is that affiliate marketing delivers impressive revenues you'd miss out on otherwise. And the right Shopify affiliate software gives you the tools to build a high-converting, thriving affiliate program that keeps sales flowing in.

So don't wait - pick your app and start reaping the revenue rewards of affiliate marketing today! With the power of data-driven tracking and automation on your side, you can efficiently grow an army of partners promoting your products across the web. 

Let these turnkey Shopify affiliate software platforms unlock the true potential of affiliate marketing for your online store!

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