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Kaylo engaged Aztech early on in their journey to do all of the branding and product packaging design for their new line of Health and Wellness products. After branding and packaging was completed, Aztech Design and built the entire Kaylo eCommerce storefront using Shopify.

Project Overview

Kaylo are on a mission to make Health and Wellness easy, accessible and fun. They are reimagining what it means to be a Health and Wellness brand in the digital age and have gamified the health stack with their new eCommerce store to produce holistic skincare and supplement products that aim to make customers look and feel their best!

Kaylo is a new brand that launched in 2022 and they sought to create a brand that embodies the best of feeling and looking good. Supplements and cosmetics strike at the intersection of these two axes.

“All of our facilities and equipment are held to the highest safety standards and regulations so you can be safe in the knowledge that you are consuming top-quality nutritional supplements.”

“All of our cosmetics products are EcoCert Certified, Vegan, Recyclable, Allergen Free, Paraben Free, Silicon Free and Nut Free.”

As a new brand, Kaylo needed assistance with setting the foundation for their new eCommerce brand. Kaylo engaged Aztech early on in their journey to do all of the branding and product packaging design. Once the brand aesthetic was established, Aztech also designed and built the entire storefront for Kaylo with Shopify.

The ultimate goal with this project was to help establish and set the foundation for a new eCommerce brand that would appeal to Kaylo’s target audience of young aspirational Gen Z consumers who want to start taking their skincare and health more seriously. 

Key Challenges

With Kaylo being a new Brand, we had to set the precedent with the branding that would impact both the packaging and the overall aesthetic of their eCommerce storefront. We had to keep all of this in mind as we designed their Brand Style Guide, Logo, color palette etc….

Kaylo launched their brand with a catalog of 20 products across skincare and supplements. We had to think strategically about packaging and label design for these two product categories and create cohesion for the brand and the storefront.

We had to keep their target customer demographic in mind as we mapped out and wireframed an elevated User Experience. We had to approach this in a balanced fashion in order to capture the essence of the story and the brand, while also communicating the premium skincare and supplement products that Kaylo offers.

With their gamified approach to Health and Wellness, we also embarked on a journey to make the user experience fun and engaging with Kaylo’s Loyalty and Rewards program. This program allows Kaylo customers to earn rewards points every time they shop on We also had to be mindful of the fat that Kaylo plan to evolve this Loyalty & Rewards program to create their own blockchain token in the very near future.

Our Solution

Branding & Packaging Design

For Kaylo, we had to deliver a holistic brand aesthetic and user experience that was consistent across both their packaging design and storefront. We wanted to capture the essence of the brand and what they stood for. Kaylo’s mission statement really helped us to hone in on this and ultimately create a brand that would resonate with their Gen Z target audience. 

Kaylo’s Mission Statement:

We set out to reinvent and modernize the health and wellness industry by creating the worlds' first holistic skincare and supplement product line. Kaylo is specifically designed for the young, digitally native consumer, and provides superior quality all-natural products that prioritize the unique needs of each individual without bias. 

We wanted to ensure that the core message of this mission statement was able to shine through in both their physical product experience and the native digital experience for their customers. 

UX Design

We created bespoke wireframes for the entire Kaylo storefront. We mapped out the entire user journey and built wireframes for each individual page on the store. 

With all of the branding and wireframing done for the UX Design, we then moved into the development phase of the project. In order to build a clean and modern storefront, we built Kaylo’s new store using Shopify.

Store Development

From a development standpoint, we did a decent amount of custom coding in order to achieve the desired look and feel of the site. This included customization for a Shoppable Navigation Menu that allows customers to browse product collections and feature products at the same time. We also did PDP page customization for subscriptions and the ReCharge widget for a seamless subscription checkout experience.

The entire Kaylo storefront was also optimized for Mobile. 

Loyalty & Rewards

As already mentioned, Kaylo are leaning in on gamification when it comes to growing their brand and creating a Loyalty & Rewards program for their customers is a big part of this. We helped them to set up a Loyalty & Rewards program with Phase two of the Kaylo Loyalty & Rewards program will see them build out a blockchain component to their rewards where customers will earn tokens on every purchase. Rewards tokens are redeemable against future orders, incentivising customers to continuously invest in making their Health and Wellness a priority. 

Email Marketing

Kaylo also engaged Aztech to be their email Marketing partner. We worked with Kaylo to design and configure bespoke email marketing flows and campaigns. 

For their Flows, we Designed & Configured the following flows:

- Welcome Series Flow
- Abandon Cart Flow
- Browse Abandonment Flow
- Post Purchase Flow
- Win-Back Flow

Kaylo Welcome Flow Email Example

We also helped to design and configure a number of email templates that we use for monthly campaigns, sales and holiday offers. Aztech continues to manage and optimize Kaylo’s email marketing on a monthly basis. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Aztech is also working with Kaylo on a monthly basis to continue to optimize their store for conversions. Our CRO retainer typically includes a complete Data & UX audit, analysis of site speed and website metrics, design development hours for optimizations, and A/B testing to identify areas for improvement. This typically includes:

- Dropoff Analysis
- Cart & Form Analysis
- Site Speed & Usability
- Heat-maps & Scroll maps

We “diagnose” the weakest points of your website. The quantitative data shows us where to focus, and the qualitative data tells us what needs to be tested. 

For Kaylo, we are executing on all of the above as part of the monthly CRO retainer we have engaged. 

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