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WITH Wellness

WITH Wellness engaged Aztech to conduct all of the UX Wireframing for their new dedicated website for WITH Experiences. The brief was clear, and we set forth to design a new website for WITH Experiences that embodied the core message of helping busy people connect with and immerse themselves in nature. 

Project Overview

WITH are a private wellness club that exists to help you learn how to care for yourself and the people you love. Their mission is simple yet ambitious – normalize wellness. To achieve their mission, they design individual and collective wellness experiences that center humanity, embrace diversity, and feel hospitable, holistic, and collective.

The team at WITH engaged Aztech to do the UX Design of their new website for the introduction of their new service offering around WITH Experiences. 

WITH Experiences Desktop & Mobile by Aztech -

WITH Experiences are WITH’s newest endeavour that allows organizations to find and book experiences, wellness trips and events that help their teams reset, relax and connect with nature. WITH experiences are local micro-wellness retreats that allow teams to connect with one another and with nature. These immersive wellness experiences are designed to help managers supercharge relationship-building, good health and streamline the process so that you can do it more frequently.

With all of this on the horizon, WITH engaged Aztech to design their new website and do all of the UX Wireframing. The brief was clear, and we set forth to design a new landing page for WITH Experiences that embodied the core message of helping busy people connect with and immerse themselves in nature. 

Our Solution

UX Design

One of the benefits of working with the WITH Wellness team on this project is that they already had an existing website and Brand style guide for their primary business offering at This meant that we had a base to work from when it came to their brand style guide and their existing aesthetic.

WITH Landing Page by Aztech -

We leveraged their existing brand style guide and their creative direction when mapping out the UX Wireframes for WITH Experiences.

UX Wireframing

We created bespoke wireframes for the brand new WITH Experiences. We mapped out the user journey flow for the entire landing page and built out comprehensive wireframes. It was important to map out each section carefully to communicate to users what WITH Experiences is. Because this is a completely new service offering for WITH, a lot of the content being communicated on the landing page is both informational and educational. 

WITH Mobile UX Design by Aztech -

The entire WITH Experiences Landing Page was also custom designed for Mobile.


WITH also engaged Aztech to do all of the copywriting for WITH Experiences. Our team of copywriters leveraged the existing WITH Wellness website and their Brand Style Guide as a basis for foundational copywriting. We then worked in an interactive fashion with the WITH team to hone in the copywriting to convey the sense of pleasure they wanted users to feel when thinking about the prospect of immersing themselves in a WITH Experience. 

Email Marketing

WITH also engaged Aztech to be their email Marketing partner. We worked with the WITH team to design and configure bespoke email marketing flows and campaigns for the launch of their new website for WITH Experiences. 

WITH email by Aztech -

We designed and configured a number of email templates that were used for launch campaigns, holiday offers and post event follow ups.

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